Safety improves Quality of Life !

REAKT? provides innovative solutions to protect both your private and business life from attacks and undesired damaging. It transmits video and sound via GSM to your mobile phone anytime and anywhere worldwide.

Now - you can reakt - In case there is a security problem call police or security service for help!

Sample of out door lamp

The easy to mount compact and weather-proof camera is suitable to record images as well as video clips. The camera is provided with a motion detector and sends SMS (text messages), images and video clips to all compatible mobile phones or email addresses. The data is transmitted worldwide via GSM 900/1800 network


REAKT? looks like any standard yard or indoor lamp. It consists of a 1 mega pixel colour camera with digital zoom, providing high quality images. Additionally the audio part of the system is transmitting online sound of the controlled area where the system is placed.


If there is a movement or sound within the controlled area, the system will call your mobile and transmit an actual picture or video clip as well as sound - Or just send a SMS.